Bhutan HKH HYCOS Project

Timely Exchange of Flood Data and information

The Hindu Kush Himalayan Hydrological Cycle Observing System (HKH HYCOS) Project is a regional project funded by the Government of Finland and implemented by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal and national partners in the four countries of the region that includes Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Department of Hydro-Met Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs is the executing agency in Bhutan. Support is also provided by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and hydro-met agencies in China and India.

The mission of the project is Making flood information travel faster than flood water” which would minimize the loss of lives and property by reducing flood vulnerability in the HKH region.

Project Goals
A Regional Flood Information System website to share Flood and Weather Information online through a web portal.
Establish 3 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and 6 Automatic Water Level Stations (AWLS) in Bhutan.
Set up a National Flood Information System/Database to receive, check and share data.
Capacity building of technical people and creating awareness to the public.
Setting up a regional Flood forecasting model and related capacity building for its implementation

The project is planned for implementation from 2010- 2013 which has now been extended to 2014 December.

Automatic Water Level Stations
Sumpa on Kurichu, Lhuentshe
Ozorong on Gongrichhu, Trashigang
Muktirap on Kholongchhu, Trashiyangtse
Gunitsawa on Parochhu, Paro
Duksum on Gongri chhu, Trashi Yangtse
Panbang on Drangmechhu, Gelephu

Automatic Weather Stations
Yangtse in Trashi Yangtse, Korila in Mongar and Hongtsho in Thimphu
Web link for Regional website :

Chhimi Dorji, Project Manager, Department of Hydro-Met Services, MoEA, +975-2-325135
Pema Wangdi, Dy. Project Manager, Department of Hydro-Met Services, MoEA, +975-2-323618

FMI Project

Strengthening Hydro-Meteorological Service for Bhutan (SHSB)

The SHSB is an Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI) project between the DHMS and Finnish Meteorological Institute funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. The cost budget is Euro 462,067, which is planned for implementation in 2.5 years (July 2013- Dec 2015).

The main purpose of the project is to ensure Improved capacity of DHMS to manage and produce high quality weather information and services to the Bhutanese society.

The main goal of this project is to upgrade the Department of Hydro-Met Services, so that the Bhutanese National Weather Service can be strengthened and thus substantially increase its forecast skills, contributing to the positive economic development of the country, help in reduction of poverty and improved handling of natural catastrophes in times of climate change. A number of user groups can benefit from improved forecasts of MD, DHMS, such as agriculture, health, transport and communication, the tourism industry and clean energy development etc.

Following are the Results expected to be achieved from the project through their corresponding activities:

1. Strengthening of Strategic planning capacity of DHMS
Activity 1.1 Study on the socio-economic impacts of services provided by DHMS
Activity 1.2 Development of standard operating procedures and processes for weather station maintenance, calibration and repair
Activity 1.3 Support DHMS to develop a National Hydro-Met Services Policy

2. Enhancement of services provided by DHMS
Activity 2.1 Developing a data management and quality control system
Activity 2.2 Data processing and analysis for climate change studies

3. Improved DHMS cooperation and communication with the public, disaster management, media and renewable energy
Activity 3.1. Stakeholder capacity building, education and awareness
Activity 3.2. Development of weather forecasting processes and verification
Activity 3.3. Development and pilot of new weather service to renewable energy, disaster management and public
Activity 3.4. Development of Communication Strategy for DHMS
Activity 3.5. Project Results and Evaluation Workshop

Chhimi Dorji, Project Manager, Department of Hydro-Met Services, MoEA, +975-2-325135
Sonam Dorji Dy. Project Manager, Department of Hydro-Met Services, MoEA, +975-2-323703


Activity 3 of NORAD IV Project on Strengthening of the Energy Sector of Bhutan:
Support to the Department of Hydro-Met Services for Sustainable Data Provision
To Accelerated Hydropower Development and Other Users

The Hydro-Met Services network in Bhutan has been established by the funding from Government of Norway through their Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) assistance. The energy sector of Bhutan had 3 phases of NORAD project to strengthen the energy sector including Hydro-Met services. A new phase IV of NORAD project has been started in 2012 with the Department of Hydropower and Power Systems with some activity for Hydro-Met on GIS, Data Management and Glacier Mass Balance study in selected areas of Bhutan. The project is implemented in collaboration with Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).
This area will provide important support to the capacity and capability of the Department of Hydromet Services in order to help it address the challenges and demands on reliable hydro meteorological data placed on it by the thrust of the increased focus on the accelerated hydropower development program and other sector uses. The Area will include activities on following issues:

a.Data Protocol and Quality: Development of protocol for collection, processing and analysis of hydro-meteorological data.
b.Hydrological modelling/GIS: Develop the GIS database that is required for hydrological modelling, model calibration and capacity building of DHMS staff in using a hydrological model.
c.Glacier Mass Balance Measurements: Initiate a mass balance programme on an appropriate glacier in the Chamkharchhu basin.

Sangay Tenzin, Project focal person, Department of Hydro-Met Services, MoEA, +975-2-321924
Chhimi Dorji, Chief, Snow and Glaceir Division, Department of Hydro-Met Services, MoEA, +975-2-325135