Hydrological Network

The Hydrology Division under DHMS is entrusted to operate and maintains national hydrological, flood warning and GLOF Early Warning network in Bhutan. Hydro-meteorological network covering whole country was designed and established as a part of the Bhutan Power System Master Plan (PSMP) project in 1991, jointly supported by the Kingdom of Norway and the UNDP, to provide appropriate hydro-meteorological information and services for water user sectors particularly for hydropower planning and development, water supply and agriculture and industry. Besides, it also provides information and services to other water resource users including private sectors based on the request. The network was further strengthened and upgraded in the subsequent Five Year Plans with support from NORAD, DANIDA and GoI through supply and procurement of equipment, spare parts, hardware and software including training. The Division also operates Sediment Sampling Stations and laboratories for analysis.